November 7, 2015

Top Interior Design Trends For Home Renovation

 With any change in your home, it’s important to consider how to get the most out of it so you’re home is even better than before. Choosing from such a wide variety of styles can sometimes be difficult, but once you have a handle on some of the most groundbreaking trends it becomes slightly easier. While 2015 saw more modern spaces and the emergence of “greige” - a combination of grey and beige- as its it colour, 2016 offers some new perspectives for home improvement and stylish interiors.
Smart Storage
Storage is an important consideration to make - even in homes with tons of space to spare. In light to more minimalist approaches to design, it’s more important than ever to find new, sleek and simple ways to make the most of storage spaces , particularly of the built-in variety. You’ll have to consider the types of storage you’ll be doing in any given space in order to properly plan out what you’re going to need. While built-in floor to ceiling shelving or ledges placed strategically over doors and windows can offer some great storage for items you want on display, also consider making use of awkward spaces like under stairs or corner nooks for other things you don’t mind having tucked away.

Go Artisan
Global inspiration is nothing new, but with more subdued trends taking centre stages for the last few years; handmade offerings from around the world have taken a bit of a back seat; or been utilized in much smaller amounts. With so much recent focus on travel blogs and envy-inducing social media accounts from adventurists near & far, 2016 will see the revival of infusing culturally-linked handmade accessories, alongside exotic textiles & furniture, bringing a wanderlust vibe into any home.

Bring The Outdoors Inside
More and more, everyone is finding ways to bring elements of the outdoors into their home. Whether they have a bustling garden they want to interpret indoors as well, or an urban dweller looking to break up the monotony of the concrete jungle, there’s plenty of ways to make you feel more connected to nature in that regard. One great way is to make space considerations for an indoor garden. Whether you use an indoor solarium to fill with plant life, or plan a section of a sunlight-facing wall to create mounted sections of foliage, the possibilities are endless; but do require some amount of planning. Skylights are another great addition to almost any room to bring the outside in, often eliminating the need for additional lighting and making the space feel much more open.

 Natural Is In
From knits, leathers, distressed wood, salvaged stones, cotton and canvas, faux finishes are making space for authentically natural materials in 2016. While luxe touches of marble and gold will still make appearances, they’ll be in the form of subtle detailing and finishes, acting as accents to larger natural wall or window treatments, statement furniture and accessories.

Classic Black & White
This is a colour combination that literally works in every room of the home. This monochromatic set up can make a big statement and has already been dubbed “the new neutral.” With its clean & timeless appeal, it’s position as a bubbling trend for 2016 will likely last for years to come. Go bold with graphic textile or wall treatment patterns that bring the two colours together, like stripes or chevrons. It’s easy to update this look with newer accent colours as the seasons, years, or simply your mood change.

Mixed Metallics
Metallic fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms have been the norm for a long time; but 2016 will see it take on a bit of a new life. Copper is catching up to popular chrome and gold-toned finishes for everything from faucets, to handles to lighting, and mixing all three together is a contemporary twist on the look.

If you plan on renovating your home in 2016, these are some trends to consider before taking the plunge.

About Author : Byron Jose is working with Georgianreno as an Internet Marketing Consultant.