November 29, 2015

What Your Office Says about you - First Impressions!

Whether you work in a large office or a smaller company, whether you are client facing or branched based, your office environment can often be seen as reflection of the company in itself. Even if you never necessarily meet clients there, or most of you work from home, it can represent your company as a whole, so creating a good atmosphere and a good environment that accurately reflects what your company represents is essential.

So what can be done to help improve the atmosphere of your head office and make that all important first impression when you do happen to have a client meeting or a business conference or you show a potential new business partner around? Here are a few tips on how you can create the best office environment that is well representative of your company.

Using your Company Logo/Subject Matter to inspire design ideas

Perhaps your company has a logo that uses a particular choice of colours, or it has a mascot or icon to represent the sort of business you do. If so, then this is a good opportunity to build your office environment around those colours. By matching your office design to your logo, or at least giving it the same sort of tone as your logo, you are creating symmetry between what your company represents and what is seen when clients enter your office. It might be a minor detail but it can really make a good impression, particularly in a professional world.

Of course, if your logo uses bright neon colours or a wide clash of colours, it might be better to pick one or two colours or themes to base your office décor around, otherwise your guests (and your employees) may just be bombarded with a world of colour which can be quite distracting. You need to find a good balance.

Use of Space and Storage Solutions

A well organised space makes a great first impression. From sleek storage solutions to clearly mapped out desk and conference rooms, a part of looking professional is all about how you lay things out. If your office seems cluttered or crowded with little to no thought put into the layout of the space, it can look pretty bad from an outsider’s point of view, particularly if they have to make their own way to meet a certain person.

A Clean Office is a Productive Office

Like with clutter and your choice of design, if the first thing a client sees when they step into an office is an overflowing bin, or a sink full of dirty mugs and dishes, they’re going to get a pretty bad impression. Keeping your office clean and adhering to high hygiene standards is incredibly important, no matter what line of business you are in. Try to incorporate some kind of cleaning routine into the day-to-day activities of your employees, or hire a night cleaner to keep things spick and span for when clients come in. Small changes can make a big difference and a clean office could even be the difference between sealing a deal with a client and losing a potential opportunity with a client; you never know.

Your office environment should be a bright, enjoyable place to work, for both you and your employees, so why not make the right first impression with a clean and clear office environment? With modern technology taking leaps and bounds into improving communication for people worldwide, the standard ‘office atmosphere’ is also taking a step away from its normal greyscale tones and trying to re-invent itself. The office is no longer a mindless place of work for many adults, it can now be a fun and worthwhile environment that ends up as a career choice, not just as a means of earning money. Why not try turning your office environment into a more positive one with some of the tips we have listed here today?

Article provided by Supreme Office Cleaning, a professional, reliable and competent commercial cleaning company – specialising in daily contract cleaning, since 2010.