November 29, 2015

Your Guide to Renovations - Office Fit Out and Refurbishment Checklist

When it comes to office refurbishments and office fit-outs, often you’ll have been looking forward to the change for quite some time and in some instances, a renovation is sorely needed. However it is important to make sure that you have done your research and looked into everything you need to make sure that your new office fit-out is completed as smoothly as possible, and at minimal downtime to your own business or company. There is no point in spending time on an office renovation if it puts your business on the back burner for a series of months!

People want to be able to continue making profits when businesses are doing well and while office refurbishments are a great way of spending the newly earned profits and perhaps turning over even more profits in the meantime, it is important that the renovation occurs within a reasonable amount of time. A first class project that stays on target and ensures minimal downtime is essential when working in a competitive business, otherwise you may find your company slipping behind your competitors when it really matters. 

We’ve put together a very simple checklist of things you should consider before starting an office refurbishment, in order to help maximise productivity and minimise time spent conducting renovations and refurbishments, so that you can get back to work as soon as possible!

Company Design and Layout

Does your company or business have a certain theme or colour scheme? When considering an office renovation, in some cases it is a good idea to get your company logo or company colours involved in the refurbishment. You can create unique styles by incorporating the company colours into the office design, while at the same time making something that is very much representative of your company. 
However try not to ‘go off the deep end’ with designs; remember it has to be easy to concentrate in your office! Bright neon signs everywhere will not help productivity even if your logo is made of a bright neon sign. Try to go for a healthy balance. Think form and functionality!

Upgraded Facilities

Consider whether or not you may want to upgrade any of your facilities in conjunction with the refurbishment. Have you been running on older computers or an older version of windows for a while now? Have you thought about perhaps switching from desktops to mobile computers or even tablets? An office renovation is an ideal time for a change in equipment as it provides a fresh start all at once as opposed to in increments. You can also plan your refurbishment to accommodate your new equipment, instead of having to awkwardly shoe-horn it into cubby holes and spaces that were made to fit other types of equipment and facilities. 

Storage Solutions

Think about where your office equipment and paperwork will need to be stored. It is no use creating a beautiful sleek looking office with no cupboard space or room to store printers or re-fill cartridges. Experienced project managers will be able to work with you to find something that works well but is also well-incorporated into the design and layout of the refurbishment. 

Air Conditioning and Heating

While these can be considered ‘finishing touches’ they are an essential part of any office. An office without proper air conditioning or heating can become a death trap for employees at certain points in the year. Make sure to make a note of where ideal locations for air conditioning and heating are and check with your planning contractors and project managers to make sure that it is actually possible to install air conditioning and heating in those locations.

Employee Suggestions

Finally, when refurbishing it is important to consider the happiness of your employees, as it is they who will get the most use out of your renovated space when it comes down to it. If you plan on making refurbishments that you haven’t cleared with your employees or at least discussed with them, how do you know if they are going to be in your employees’ best interests? They will want a workplace where they can work productively, with good room to move around and designs that make sense. Ask your employees what they would like to see when considering an office refurbishment; after all they might make some good suggestions you had not thought of. 

At the end of the day an office refurbishment is not a simple cut-and-dry process, it takes time. What matters is that you are properly prepared for when you start the actual renovation process in order to make sure that it is done swiftly and smoothly with no setbacks. That way you can be back on track and working productively in no time at all. 

Article provided by Complete Interior Design, a commercial interior, fit out and office refurbishment business serving Surrey, Sussex, London and the rest of the UK.