December 16, 2015

Security for your outdoor event

If you’re planning a big outdoor event with lots of people paying to be there, and maybe even special guests or performances, then you’ll definitely need to think about security for your event. A large number of guests can be hard to control or regulate without taking the right measures in place. This doesn’t just mean bouncers for checking tickets, although that would certainly help if you’re event is big enough. Security could be as simple as fencing or a barrier system, both of which are very helpful for helping to make your event secure and marking off where the event is taking place. Here are some options for security to consider and the advantages of each of them.

Security for your outdoor event 

Having bouncers positioned at the entrance to your event is a great way of making sure only the people who paid to be there get in. This has the added benefit of deterring people who haven’t paid, as they’ll be quickly sussed out by the bouncers. It could also stop people from bringing in things that you don’t want at the event, such as outside food and drink, or perhaps alcohol depending on the event you’re hosting. Combining bouncers with additional security on patrol is also a great way of making sure nothing gets out of hand.
Metal Fencing
Having a metal fence around the perimeter of your outdoor venue is an excellent method of marking where the event will take place, with the added benefit of making it more secure. Smaller metal fences and barriers can also be used outside the main area to create an orderly queue at the entrance, preventing people from rushing in or your bouncers from being overwhelmed by crowds.
As well as marking off the main area, metal fences can also be used to keep guests away from places they shouldn’t be. For example, you might be using strong generators for power that would be very dangerous for guests to be near. Having a metal fence or barrier can provide a good method of keeping people away from these areas and out of harm’s way. This is also useful for providing a private space away from the crowd for staff or special guests.
While metal fences are useful, you might want to consider combining them with another form of security if you plan on using them as your main type of barrier. Although they are great for establishing a perimeter, metal fences are often quite easy to climb over. This is because of the metal grid like pattern, common in metal fencing, which is easy to grab hold of and use the space in between as footholds. Having security posted around the outside, or combining metal fencing with another type of barrier is a good idea in this case and will help to stop potential trespassers.
Concrete Barriers
Concrete barriers have all the advantages of metal fencing, with the extra added bonus of being hard to scale. This is because of their shape and design, which lacks the same kind of spacing common in metal fences. The smooth, solid surface of concrete barriers means there’s nothing to hold on to making it very difficult to clamber over. A large concrete barrier could however be more intrusive than a small metal fence if you’re simply making a diving line for a queue, but concrete barriers do often come in different sizes.
Whether you choose metal fencing, concrete barriers or a combination of each one, both are great for designating where your guests should be and deterring would be trespassers. A good security system, no matter what you choose is absolutely essential for planning a large event and maintaining safety for your guests.
This article was provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property and construction industry – working alongside a selection of companies, including Maltaward (barriers) Ltd. – who were consulted over the information contained in this piece.