December 16, 2015

Thinking outside the box: Home Storage x 4

There are countless ways to store your stuff. Depending on the type of item you wish to put into some sort of order, certain storage solutions are more suitable than others. Practical considerations are key - think style over substance.

Thinking outside the box: Home Storage x 4

So, what should you be choosing and why? Here are four good places to start.


No surprises here – the best storage solution for garments, accessories and footwear is the classic wardrobe. It allows your clothes to be hung up neatly and without creasing, meaning you can find everything easily.

A word about hinges. You want to be able to shut the wardrobe doors properly to protect your clothes from dust and clothes moths. If the hinges are too tight you may not be able to close the doors. If they’re too loose, they may leave a gap between the door and the wardrobe carcass. Either way, your garments are not stored securely.

Wardrobes are bulky items of furniture that are difficult to move around (or in and out of) your property. Do give some thought to having bespoke wardrobes fitted to your bedrooms. Yes, it’s an investment purchase, but the joy of having your whole wardrobe organised and stored to best effect is one that you will enjoy every single day.

Filing Solutions

For office papers and documents, a filing cabinet or shelving system is the most sensible solution. Filing cabinets can look a bit office-y – which may be fine for a home office but is perhaps not the most stylish look for a living room. 

Shelves work better in a domestic setting, but it is then up to you to organise your files in colour coded arch lever files, pretty box files or whatever other storage style takes your fancy. Just make sure you do organise everything, or your shelves will not only look messy but it will take you and age to find anything.

Chest of Drawers

Think storage, think chest of drawers - there can’t be a home in the land that doesn’t have one for storing anything from underwear to stationery. Not only is a chest of drawer a versatile piece of furniture, you can find one in almost every interior style you can think of. From dainty Queen Anne style with turned legs, to contemporary urban recycled chic, there’s bound to be a chest of drawers to fit your home.

Just a tiny word of advice. Be careful not to overfill the drawers as they can jam if an item gets stuck inside. This can damage both the drawers and the contents. Also, drawers themselves can become misshapen or get broken if you pull them about for too long.

Storage Box

If you’re running out of space and have lots of small items to store, a humble storage box is all you need. It’s the perfect way to store your kid’s toys (Lego and other construction systems in particular), your grandma’s button collection, your husband’s CDs, your jewellery… 

Boxes come in all sorts of sizes and designs, so you’re bound to find one to fit in with your décor. If you’re the creative type, why not take a plain box (or a shoe box) and get crafty? Pretty, customised boxes can personalise your living space to give it that unique edge.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property industry working with a selection of companies, including Yorkshire-based furniture specialist Quality Ironmongery, who consulted over the information contained in this piece.