January 7, 2016

Easy Bathroom Makeovers on the Budget

Redesigning your bathroom can be expensive if you are not careful with what you want and what your budget allows you to get. Make sure that you first sit down and put together a list of changes you need, so that you can budget out exactly how much money you need. However, try to leave room for additional costs which could spring up to avoid getting an unpleasant surprise.
Rehash Your Old Mirrors
You do not have to undergo complicated projects to spruce up your bathroom, because sometimes all it will take is a bit of ingenuity. Repurposing old mirrors is a great way to introduce something new without having to spend a lot of money. Your only concern will be how to go about breathing new life into your old mirrors, and thankfully you have a plethora of design tips to choose from. Then again, you will have an easier time adjusting those mirrors, as you already have the measurements done.

Make Enough Space in the Shower
Bring an end to your suffering in the shower once and for all, simply by installing a corner shelf. Be cautious when drilling in the bathroom, because you might hit a pipe or even a live wire. Go through the bathroom plans to see where the problematic areas are. Once you install it, be sure to test it out, to make sure that you can pack all your shower necessities without putting too much weight on it.
Give Your Bathroom a New Colour
In many cases, repainting can be enough to liven up your bathroom and to make it look new. However, you should choose your paint carefully, because some could be bad for a very humid environment, and it could take your paint forever to dry. Make sure to look up easy methods to find a decent bucket of paint and to get it onto the walls, without making too much of a mess. Choose a colour that will not stand out too much and which will go nicely with your overall bathroom’s design.
Make Your Cabinets Appear Like New
Often the cabinets can be a key focal point in a bathroom, and unless they look well taken care of, it will seem like your bathroom is in dire need of reworking. To freshen up your cabinets, you will mostly have to repaint them and apply a new coating of protective varnish. While you are at it, be sure to tighten any loose bolts and hinges, and in the end your bathroom will look nicer without having to spend a fortune.
Install New Plumbing Fixtures
No matter how much you clean your bathroom fixtures, they will eventually succumb to wear and tear, and you will have to change them. However, you should be cautious, because if you are not handy with plumbing, you might break something. Instead it is better to leavebathroom renovators do their job and quickly install fixtures your bathroom needs. You need to draw the line when you will have to spend a little more on getting the job done right, otherwise you will have to redo it from scratch.
Giving your bathroom a much needed makeover does not have to be costly, and in most cases will require a bit of handiwork. Nonetheless, you should avoid doing most of the work if you are unsure how it has to be done, because you could damage your bathroom and will have to call in a repair crew. Bear in mind that simple and cheap changes might just be sufficient for making your bathroom appear new and shiny.