January 7, 2016

Fixer Uppers - 5 Ways to Increase the Value of your Home

When selling your property, obviously there are certain things you will want to do to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, but there are ways to even increase the value of your property before selling it in order to help maximise your profit on the property itself. If you have the money for it, maximising the selling potential of your old property is always recommended, particularly if you are looking at moving up on the property ladder, as any extra money is always appreciated. Take a look at five ways you can increase the value of your property, without having to do too much work yourself.

Increase the Value of your Home

1.    Deep Clean your Carpets
Tired and worn out carpets, looking a little sad? Performing a deep clean on all your carpets will help revitalise them in time for visitors and potential buyers. While not a massive selling point, tired looking carpets may put off some buyers, particularly if they are looking for a property they can easily move into. There are a number of deep cleaning companies who perform professional deep cleans on carpets, so it is highly recommended before you put your property on the market.

2.    Renovate a Room
Whether it is the bathroom, the kitchen, the master bedroom or even the lounge; renovating a major room in the house has a guaranteed 100% success rate of improving the value of any property. Kitchens and bathrooms are considered to be the best rooms to renovate as they do require a lot of work, but can be extremely attractive when refurbished. Potential buyers looking at a property with a modern kitchen or bathroom will consider it an attractive investment and may put in several offers for your trouble.

3.    Consider a Conservatory
While a considerably expensive extension, conservatories do very well in bumping up the value of a property, It is widely considered to be a worthwhile investment and creates a beautiful new space for any family to enjoy. Conservatories come in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit each home individually, so it brings a new bit of life into an otherwise old property. Plus, if you’re not much of a gardener it helps to detract attention from the garden by including an attractive feature that everyone can enjoy.

4.    Painting
A new lick of paint never did any harm! By repainting any old or tired looking rooms in your properties, you give them a new lease of life and also help to minimise any flaws found in old wallpaper or dreary old paint styles. Plus, if you choose a bright or light colour, it also helps to open up the room and provide any potential buyers with a good idea of what that room in particular may be capable of. A whitewashed room can give way to far more opportunities than a shock pink room, even if it does have the wow factor. In some instances, more muted colours are better for potential buyers.

5.    Insulation and Cutting Energy Costs
There are a number of schemes available online for applicable homeowners that will provide loft insulation and installation free of charge, so it is important that you do your research in order to make sure that you are not missing out. Loft insulation goes a long way to reducing the costs of heating the property during the winter, so it is always a worthwhile investment. Plus, if you can get something for free, then what are you waiting for in all honesty?

With so many properties available on the market nowadays, it is often beneficial for your success to make sure that you have done everything within your power to increase your earning potential. Properties are high in demand in many areas across the UK and with the economy slowly recovering after its last small crash, people are starting to reach bravely into the property market in the hopes of finding themselves a first home. It is a good idea to maximise this opportunity in order to get the best price out of the property you plan to sell, as well as giving first time buyers the opportunity to purchase a first class, renovated property.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property industry – working alongside a selection of companies including South East England boiler and central heating specialist BSW BS, who were consulted over the information contained in this piece.