January 22, 2016

What to Consider when Expanding Your House

It is natural that you want to expand your house as your family grows. People always need more space so everyone could equally enjoy and have some privacy. However, before giving into this project you need to consider a few important things.

Legal Issues and Neighbours

There are certain laws that regulate the required and allowed space for every type of building, and mostly, expansions are illegal according to these laws. If you break some of these, someone could file a complaint and housing authorities will act on it. To avoid these complications, you should inform your neighbours that you plan on expanding your household and make sure that does not have a negative effect on them. Also, you should try staying out of your neighbours “personal space” and limit the expansions on a safe distance, so the noise and smell would not disturb them.

How big is Your Budget?

After making a detailed plan of how you want to expand your home, you need to calculate how much money you can spend and compare it to your plan. This comparison can help you realize which things need renovation and expending, and you can rule out those less necessary. It is important not to go over your budget. Invest more time and money in fixing and improving your house instead of just making it look good. Be realistic and disciplined. 

Size and Appeal

The bigger the extension the higher the costs. Your budget can very much help you determine the size of you project, and the purpose of the additional space can determine the materials you need for building it. Additionally, be careful not to make your expansion look like a misplaced ornament. To avoid this, follow the patterns and styles of your house and blend it in nicely so it would look like it has always been there. However, if you find it difficult to obtain items and materials for matching the style, you can always simply match the colour and add some simple details to your extension so it would not look dull. Changing all the windows and doors, if you have enough money, is nice refreshment which can improve the whole exterior of your home, but try not to overdo it.

What to Consider when Expanding Your House

Expand to Your Yar

Useless empty space in your yard should finally get its purpose and help you maximize your living space. The cheapest and easiest extension you can do is to build an outdoor room. Almost any object from the interior can be applied and set up outside. Build a small gazebo and equip it with blankets, cushions, chairs and tables and have a perfect place for enjoying hot summer days with a nice book and a cocktail. You can also cover it with colourful drapes and rugs to make it cosier and to make a perfect shade. Install some lighting features for making a nice romantic atmosphere. This will make use of your yard and you will have an additional room for some privacy.

Hiring Contractors

Think twice if you plan on doing all this work alone. You may miscalculate expanses and end up broke; also, at one point you may just give up and leave your home unfinished. Hiring contractors is a great idea if you want the job to be done on time, to be quality and on budget. You have to be careful when picking the contractors and choose only trusted extension builders who can provide you with quality services of renovating, designs and ground floor extensions. Always choose contractors based on their previous work or you can depend on your friends’ recommendations.
Planning and organizing could be tough, but once you are done you will be proud of your new house. Extensions are always welcome and useful, just be careful not to break any laws or lose all the money.

Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture and a crafty girl from Sydney, Australia. She loves writing about architecture and home décor. In her free time she love to cook for her family and friends.