March 18, 2016

How to easily boost your home’s value

One of the most important things to consider when putting the house on the market is to get the best price form the potential buyer. In order to achieve that, you must make your house look perfect, and add a few details that will give it the unique charm no buyer could resist. These improvements do not have to cost a fortune, but you can incorporate various DIY projects to upgrade the old place.

Kitchen Improvement

Kitchen Improvement
Start with the kitchen remodeling. Install new cabinetry, and give your old kitchen the deserved updated look. Alternative to replacing them is painting cabinetry some neutral color. This will also cover all the scratches and imperfection that has been made through the years. Change drawer and cabinet pulls, and give some extra shine to the kitchen furniture.

Make the Bathroom Spotless

The inexpensive option would include replacing old fixtures with the new ones, in order to improve your bathroom’s functionality. Paint the walls, hang new towels, and update the design of an entire bathroom by adding some interesting accessories. However, do not forget to scrub all the dirt first and make the room spotless, before you start decorating.

A step you should not forget when preparing the bathroom is to put a fresh bead of bathroom caulk. Its cracked skin does not look attractive at all, and it creates the perfect environment for mildew to appear and stay there. Cover all the places you can find it, between the tub and tiles, around the sink or anywhere else. Furthermore, installing a ventilating fan in your bath will help you both eliminate fogged-up mirrors, and help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Check the Carpets

Carpeting is another part of furnishing that can really make a difference when updated. Take all the carpets to a professional carpet cleaning and turn them into brand new flooring. It is not good idea to change all the carpets because this will be an unnecessary expense considering you will need the new ones for the new place, and if you leave these here, the new owners will replace them with their own anyway.

The Walls

If you want to make your living room look charming and valuable, add some crown molding to your walls. This polystyrene foam is coated in hard plaster and it can be added really easily. You will not need more than one weekend to upgrade your simple room into an elegant living area.

Light up the Place

How to easily boost your home’s valueEven the most attractive features of your home can be overlooked if there is not enough light in the room. Replace those outdated fixtures with brand new led lighting and give your house a full modern feel. More importantly, this will help you keep the buyers interested, once they see how luminous the home is. Furthermore, update the ceiling fan and light with the new fan blades, and improve its design as well.

The Exterior

The way your house looks on the outside is as important as its interior. Get rid of all the dead grass and overgrown shrubs, and turn your landscaping into a nice little plant area. Cut the grass, rake the leaves, trim the hedges, and remove all the annoying weeds to make the house exterior much more attractive. You may not even think about the mailbox, but make sure to replace it if it is old and unattractive.

Details are the ones that make the big difference in the way your house looks. This is why aside from the obvious shortcomings of your home, you should pay attention even to the smallest problems. Make low budget improvements by spending only a few hundreds of dollars and watch all that pay off big when you bust the value of your house.