March 1, 2016

How to Keep Your Home Safe From Fires

Fire is a constant reminder that it is easy to lose everything in a blink of an eye. Making sure that your home is safe and that no one from your family is in danger ever. You have to consider that most gadgets run on electricity directly from an outlet, making it a bigger hazard than in any other case. Remember, never try to put out an electrical fire with water, as it will make it only worse.

Install Smoke Alarms

Many view smoke alarms as a waste of time and effort, as they will rarely do their job. However, this could not be further from the truth. You should consider installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, to alert you and the authorities that there is danger brewing in your home. Take into account that nowadays many people use natural gas for heating, and because it is odourless, it is often too hard and late to notice it.

How to Keep Your Home Safe From Fires
Keep Fire Extinguishers Nearby

Learn to use fire extinguishers before you purchase them, as it will be necessary to have one in your home. Keep it in a place where you can easily find and have access to it so that everyone from your family knows where to find it. Be sure to check them and change them regularly, to avoid owning a faulty one, which could make the fire worse when it comes to an accident.

Keep Your Outlets Relatively In Order

One of the major issues nowadays which cause frequent fires are too many plugged in things into a single outlet. Be sure to organize your gadgets and equipment and to split them up equally amongst other outlets as well. On the other hand, try to unplug anything you are not using at the moment as it might be draining energy without you even notice it.

Educate Your Family About Fire Dangers

Unless you teach yourself and your family about fire safety issues, you cannot expect to know what to do when it comes to a real fire. Frist things first, remember to stay calm and to assess your situation. Be sure to avoid grabbing water immediately even though it seems the most logical to use to put out fire. No matter what kind of fire you are dealing with, your best course of action would be to cut the oxygen feed to the fire which means that you should use something to cover it up, if possible.

Check the Air Vents

If it comes to a fire, you need to make sure that you can get outside safely, without suffering any substantial damage. One of the biggest problems you have to deal with will be smoke, which could knock you unconscious if you breathe in too much. But, if you keep your air vents cleaned and maintained regularly, you will have a chance to escape in time. Have the fire department on speed dial, if you live in a neighbourhood which is prone to fires, to have them arrive faster.

Even when you do all in your might to prevent a fire from happening, there is always a chance, and you should be prepared for it. Keep in mind that in most cases prevention can dramatically reduce the chance of any fire starting, and you will know exactly how to put it out without wasting time. Teach your family about it as well, to have them prepared and not to have them panicked all over the place if something does happen. Fires are unpredictable, and they can spread fast, but only if you give them a chance.