April 21, 2016

A Leading Real Estate Company Offers Tips on Choosing a Luxury Property

Buying a piece of property can be the best investment you can ever make in your life—or the costliest mistake you can ever commit. Whether you’re buying it to serve as your private residence, or you’re looking into transforming it into a profitable rental unit, many factors should be considered before you make a decision. It’s absolutely critical to set aside sufficient time and to put serious thought, planning and research into engaging in the real estate market.

Luxury Property
You probably know that the real estate market is one of the most rewarding investment classes, especially now that the industry is gearing for more growth. A property is especially valuable for building a diverse portfolio — one of the keys to wealthbuilding — when you approach it with a long-term perspective. In the UAE today, the most attractive types of properties that yield the best returns include luxury units, high-rises, fashion condominiums, serviced villas, branded apartments, and developments designed for retail and commercial use. Most of these properties are built ready-to-move-into, offering utmost convenience and a deluxe experience for buyers.

With all these impressive choices available, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Here are some key considerations to keep on top of mind:

Deal only with a trusted developer with a stellar track record. Your choice of developer can be the single most impactful factor that will determine the success (or failure) of your decision. When you’re looking into premium properties, go straight to a real estate company that has a proven vision for luxury living, a discriminating taste for selecting building materials and processes, and a commitment to partnering only with the finest employees, designers, architects and contractors. After all, luxury means no compromises.

Zoom into the details. When you’re a high-end buyer, it’s a must to expect to be provided with features and amenities that go beyond the basics. Does it have laundry facilities built-in, or will someone be available to clean and take care of your clothes? Is the gym within walking distance, or can you do yoga in a private, sunlit lounge? Is the closet space enough for you? And is the kitchen equipped with an espresso maker? Part of the price you’re paying is to live your dream life, so make sure to check all the big and small details that will affect your daily comfort and productivity.

Look beyond the address line. They say location is a key factor in real estate — more so when you’re interested in luxury living. In this case, you don’t settle for a property “merely” because it is located in a location classified as prime. Remember that when buying a luxury home, you’re also buying into a lifestyle. So beyond the zip code, look into other elements of the location, such as who your neighbours are, what type of future developments are planned for the area, and what the overall culture, vibe and scene in the district is like. After all, it’s not just about who you are, but also where you live.

About the author: Oliver Finney is an enthusiast of the real estate industry who loves to continuously learn and share knowledge as well about the vast and comprehensive world of the real estate business, off and online. He has first realised his passion for real estate at the age of 18 after attending an auction. Since then, he has continued to be an avid real estate enthusiast and has recently made the final step to earning his real estate license. He visits sites like damacproperties

Checklist before Investing in Real Estate

India’s booming economic climate and the rapid urbanization have created better job opportunities, with more and more families enjoying the advantages of improved living standards. Cities like Kolkata have seen a massive growth, especially on the real estate front in the past few years. Suburbs like Rajarhat in Kolkata are being completely transformed, with increased infrastructural development and the large number of upcoming real estate projects. For investors, the time is just right for buying property in Kolkata.
Investing in Real Estate

If you are an investor, looking to buy an apartment in Kolkata, it is advisable to weigh the pros against all the cons, before entering the real estate market. Investing in real estate is a big decision and a huge investment with associated risks just like any other investment.

Below are some of the things to consider before investing in real estate.

• Property tax
Like in all metropolitan cities, in Kolkata too, the Property Tax is very high. This is often one of the major deterrents for those looking to buy a flat in Kolkata. So, it is always advisable to consider the amount that has to be paid to the Government as tax when allocating a budget for your real estate investments in Kolkata. Many prefer buying their second or third property in cities where the Property Tax is relatively lower. Then again, the return on such real estate investments is relatively less.

• Legal essentials
Real estate investments come with a lot of legal requirements. Sometimes, in addition to the Government, the local Municipal Corporation may also have a legal say. Therefore, it is very important for the investor to understand these laws and ensure the property is purchased in compliance with all regulations. It is best to consult a legal expert and get all the doubts clarified before proceeding.

Also, for those considering investing in a second or third property, it is essential to learn about all applicable rules, income taxes’ requisites and duly pay the necessary tax to avoid penalties.

• Maintenance cost
In cities like Kolkata, there has been a rapid rise in the number of high-rises around the outskirts. Buying property in such relatively underdeveloped areas of a city may fetch the investors high returns in the long run when the area develops, say in 5-10 years’ time. However, immediate resale of such properties may not fetch good profit. Therefore, such properties should be bought with the intention of holding on to them until the area develops and earns the investor high returns. For this, one has to take into account the property maintenance costs for the period. One must prepare an estimate of all costs before going ahead with such long term investments.

Once the investor has done thorough research, understood legalities and rightly estimated finances and costs involved, it is safe to go ahead with real estate investments. This kind of investment is considered by far the safest and is believed to bring good returns in the long run.

Summary: The real estate market in certain cities in India, like Kolkata, has seen a rapid growth in the last few years with more and more people looking to invest in their dream properties. However, it is important to consider the factors mentioned before proceeding with real estate investments.

Author Bio: One of the leading players in the real estate market, Ideal Group takes pride in its rich portfolio of world-class ongoing and upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. The Group has truly embodied their tagline "Pillars of Trust" and won the trust of countless customers.

Determinants to Consider When Buying Property

Almost every other person wants to own a piece of property. The property gives a person financial stability, social security and to a certain extent, it elevates one’s esteem. Many people, however, will consider buying property because it is an investment or because the interest rates are low. For whatever reason a person finds themselves buying a piece of property, it is important to consider the following things so as to guarantee you get the best possible deals.

Buying Property
• Location – Every person who appreciates the real estate knows that a piece of property in the city costs a fortune compared to a piece of property in a remote countryside area of the same exact size. This is mainly because most people want to live near cities where there are amenities, jobs, customers, security and closeness to family and friends. This in effect means that the location of the property is one of the most important determinants to consider whenever a person is buying a home or business premises. Needless to say, thorough research must be conducted in relation to this factor.

• Legal factors – Unlike buying tomatoes or some fancy jacket, when buying property you need to ensure that all legal procedures are followed and are well understood. The governments, as well as local authorities, allocate different parts of city land varying uses. This means that there are places within the city where a person cannot build a residential property while there are those where commercial buildings are banned. It is important that a buyer gets to research and understand the history of the property they are buying.

• Help from real estate professionals – The property market can be incredibly daunting, especially for the ordinary citizen who has never ventured into it. A person will have a clear headway once they hire the services of a professional realtor. These are people who are trained and who have a lot of experience in the real estate market. They are better placed to gauge available information and know whether the market is headed for better or bad times. A buyer will gain immensely once they choose to use a real estate agent in their quest.

• Local market indicators – Buying property requires that a person read thoroughly the local market indicators. They should also look further into how international market indicators say. The challenge in this is that a person needs some expertise or some way of analyzing available information. This can, however, be achieved partly by following keenly the trend of the real estate such as the prices and the laws getting introduced. Check whether the interest rates are falling. This is a good thing as the cost of a mortgage is going down. However, check whether this is caused by some sort of recession.

• Current situation and future goals – Based on the situation a person is in at their life, entering the property market can and should be perceived with different eyes. A single person will not need to buy a five-bedroom mansion if they are only going to live alone in it for ten years. Likewise, a family of ten will need to bypass a one-bedroom apartment offer.

• Get rid of the middlemen – Some of the middlemen ask for a big share from the amount and which you can’t afford. So you can refer newspapers, online portals, twitter feed and find out the best properties available for you.

Anisha Ambrose writes about property and real estate in India. She has worked at the NeedaProperty.in company for one year as a marketing manager. She likes to share her experience with those who are interested in property market!

April 18, 2016

Why You Don’t Need to Leave Your Home to Find a New One

House hunting isn’t for the faint of heart.

No matter how structured your city is or well paying your job might be, you might still be short of a decent place to live in. A house hunt takes seemingly countless hours of neighbourhood tours and location drive-bys to finalize that decision on ideal property. If your weekdays are packed, chances are that you would also have to compromise on your weekends to go property hunting with your broker.
Leave Your Home to Find a New One

As if putting up with your broker isn’t enough, these incessant trips to different localities will also leave you physically and financially drained. Opting for an online realty search, you get to check out countless listings among a range of rental or lease apartments, without even having to step out of your home.

Here’s how taking your house hunt online can take a load off your shoulders.

Saves Time and Energy

Visiting each flat for rent personally would take up a lot of your time and energy. Additionally, you’d have to cough up parking and fuel charges if you plan on taking your own vehicle to new localities. Getting stuck in traffic for hours can also leave you frustrated.

When you search for properties online, you save yourself from all these unnecessary hassles. You can simply surf through numerous sites that give you a virtual tour of the property. You can make a list of a couple of properties that you want to check out personally, and pre-book a visit before you zero in on a particular piece of property.

Eases The Documentation Process

Unlike conventional processes where the broker would be in charge of the situation while you were in the dark, you would take the lead here. You’d be aware of the proper pricing and wouldn’t be taken advantage of. Some of the real estate sites even help you understand the documentation process.

No Brokerage Fee

When you opt to search for flats without brokers online, you directly interact with the owner and avoid having to go through any intermediate. This helps you in getting to know the owner and learning more about the property first-hand. You also free yourself from paying a brokerage fee and all that unnecessary running around

Refines Your Search

One of the best parts of searching for a property online is not having to go through hundreds of random properties to get what you want. Filtering your search according to the locality, specification, amenities, or the budget you are going for will help you streamline your search.

You can get your hands on the best deals when you compare different properties and their rates online. Doing your homework on the current real estate scenario across different neighbourhoods also helps you build confidence in your ultimate decision.

24/7 Availability

Round-the-clock realty portals like Zenify let you access different properties throughout the day. With just a PC and phone at hand, you can check out properties online without the even needing to get out of bed. You can get all the contacts and listings you need within the comforts of your home.

This means that you don’t have to compromise on your leisure time. Using this method, you can shortlist a few prospects before you shift into a new home in a different city.

You can now find the home of your dreams without giving up on daily activity. Comment below to let us know how online realty portals have helped you find the right place, and/or if you have a better suggestion!

April 11, 2016

How to Properly Build a Home Bar

Having a bar in your home adds to the fun of getting together with friends. It is a great place for dining, enjoying a beverage or placing cards. However, if you wish to build it on your own, this may require some construction skills and a little help from your friends. If you do not have the required knowledge of building a bar, feel free to consult a manual or a guide we have prepared for you.

The Building process

Use a circular saw to cut the ½-inch plywood to size for the bar's front and side panels. Later use a miter saw, so that you can cut the 14 framing boards to length. Additionally, arrange three more equally spaced between the sideboards. Construction adhesive should be applied to the back of each 14, and then make sure you nail them in place with 1-inch nails.

How to Properly Build a Home Bar
Again, use a circular saw to cut the lauan finish-face to size and place it down. Later take the adhesive, apply it to the framing, and attach the lauan. Use the pneumatic gun to fasten the sheet along the framing using ½-inch staples. This way you will ensure the lauan does not get shot through.
Use a miter saw and cut the 14 stiles and rails to length with it. The front corner stiles will require you to use a block to set the space in order to shift a 1x4 and overhang the panel edge by ¾ inch. Mark the inside edge and the back side edges of the stile on the panel.

This step requires you to lay pieces of molding inside the recessed panels that were previously created by the stiles and rails. Additionally, do not forget to mark their length. Cut the ends at a 45-degree angle with a miter saw. Later, use 1¼-inch nails to nail each one in place. If you want a tight fit, you will have to mitre one side of a long piece of panel moulding, hold it in place, and use the panel's corner to mark a precise cutline for the opposite mitre.

Start by laying the top and bottom rail on the front panel between the previously marked lines. Further on, position three stiles between them. Then, glue and use the nail the 1¼-inch nails to nail stiles and rails in place. Until the panels are assembled, the corner stiles should be set aside.
You should mark two horizontal lines 1½ inches and 24 inches from the bottom on the inner side of each panel. Cut 11 cleats to length, and make sure you leave room for the side panels and their cleats so they can butt against the front panel. Countersink pilot holes every 8 to 10 inches and drive 1¼-inch screws in place in order to install the cleats along the lines.

Now apply glue to the front edge of a side panel. Set it upright, butt it into the front panel, and put the pieces together. Drill pilot holes and drive 3-inch screws one at a time. Cut two shelves to length and nail through them underneath the front lip. You will need them to store the drinks from
thebottle shop in Melbourne

Later attach corner stiles, clad the sides by applying the glue to the two front and two back corner stiles and setting them in place. Make sure you snug them against the rails and overhanging the edges by ¾ inch. Later, attach a centre stile on each side and trim it.

The next step involves taking the measurements of the bar-top base, and creating it. After you have installed and secured the base, it is time to finish up. All you need to do is dry-fit the molding, install the foot rail, bring bar stools and your bar is ready.

Constructing a bar takes time, energy, and skill, but in the end, it pays off. You can enjoy spending time with friends, while indulging a glass of wine or some other beverage.