April 11, 2016

How to Properly Build a Home Bar

Having a bar in your home adds to the fun of getting together with friends. It is a great place for dining, enjoying a beverage or placing cards. However, if you wish to build it on your own, this may require some construction skills and a little help from your friends. If you do not have the required knowledge of building a bar, feel free to consult a manual or a guide we have prepared for you.

The Building process

Use a circular saw to cut the ½-inch plywood to size for the bar's front and side panels. Later use a miter saw, so that you can cut the 14 framing boards to length. Additionally, arrange three more equally spaced between the sideboards. Construction adhesive should be applied to the back of each 14, and then make sure you nail them in place with 1-inch nails.

How to Properly Build a Home Bar
Again, use a circular saw to cut the lauan finish-face to size and place it down. Later take the adhesive, apply it to the framing, and attach the lauan. Use the pneumatic gun to fasten the sheet along the framing using ½-inch staples. This way you will ensure the lauan does not get shot through.
Use a miter saw and cut the 14 stiles and rails to length with it. The front corner stiles will require you to use a block to set the space in order to shift a 1x4 and overhang the panel edge by ¾ inch. Mark the inside edge and the back side edges of the stile on the panel.

This step requires you to lay pieces of molding inside the recessed panels that were previously created by the stiles and rails. Additionally, do not forget to mark their length. Cut the ends at a 45-degree angle with a miter saw. Later, use 1¼-inch nails to nail each one in place. If you want a tight fit, you will have to mitre one side of a long piece of panel moulding, hold it in place, and use the panel's corner to mark a precise cutline for the opposite mitre.

Start by laying the top and bottom rail on the front panel between the previously marked lines. Further on, position three stiles between them. Then, glue and use the nail the 1¼-inch nails to nail stiles and rails in place. Until the panels are assembled, the corner stiles should be set aside.
You should mark two horizontal lines 1½ inches and 24 inches from the bottom on the inner side of each panel. Cut 11 cleats to length, and make sure you leave room for the side panels and their cleats so they can butt against the front panel. Countersink pilot holes every 8 to 10 inches and drive 1¼-inch screws in place in order to install the cleats along the lines.

Now apply glue to the front edge of a side panel. Set it upright, butt it into the front panel, and put the pieces together. Drill pilot holes and drive 3-inch screws one at a time. Cut two shelves to length and nail through them underneath the front lip. You will need them to store the drinks from
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Later attach corner stiles, clad the sides by applying the glue to the two front and two back corner stiles and setting them in place. Make sure you snug them against the rails and overhanging the edges by ¾ inch. Later, attach a centre stile on each side and trim it.

The next step involves taking the measurements of the bar-top base, and creating it. After you have installed and secured the base, it is time to finish up. All you need to do is dry-fit the molding, install the foot rail, bring bar stools and your bar is ready.

Constructing a bar takes time, energy, and skill, but in the end, it pays off. You can enjoy spending time with friends, while indulging a glass of wine or some other beverage.