May 18, 2016

Choosing Energy Efficient Windows for an Eco-Friendly Home

Did you know that an average home loses around 10% of its heat through windows and doors? This can be a major issue, especially if you are trying to make your home eco-friendly. Luckily, today there is a vast number of energy efficient windows which keep the heat inside of your home. But choosing one may be a tricky business. So before you do so, make sure you check out the following guide.

Eco-Friendly Home
Make Sure You Choose Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows are the ones that have two sheets of glass with a gap between them. The gap is usually around 16mm long. The gap creates an insulating barrier which decreases the rate at which heat escapes from the room. There are also some triple-glazed windows available on the market today. These have two gaps and provide even more insulation. Getting one of these two types of windows will surely help you use less energy when trying to warm up your home.

Choose Windows with Low-E Glass

When choosing double-glazed windows, there are few other things you should keep in mind. The type of glass in the windows you choose will also affect the amount of energy you will need to keep the place warm. The glass which is the best eco-friendly option is low emissivity (Low-E) glass. Low-E glass usually has invisible coating of metal oxide on the pane next to the glass. The good thing about this type of glass is that it lets light in but cuts down the amount of heat that is being lost.
Remember to Keep Your Home Ventilated
Another important thing to have in mind is that your home has to be ventilated properly. Your new windows may be more airtight than the originals which may decrease the ventilation in your home. It is necessary to keep all the rooms properly ventilated as that is how fresh air gets into your home. Not only this, but ventilation also allows moisture to escape. Therefore, if your home does not have enough natural ventilation, you should choose replacement windows with trickle vents. These will help you control the air flow into your home.

Choose Windows that Last Longer

The lifespan of the window is another thing you should take into consideration when buying replacement windows. Eco-friendly windows have a typical life span of around 20 years. Still, this can vary between 10 and 35 years, depending on the quality of the window. Less quality windows will eventually start to let the heat leak out. That is why it is important to choose quality energy efficient windows. Not only will you be able to keep more heat inside your home but you will also save money you would otherwise spend on window repair or replacement.

Check for Any Restrictions

In case you are living in a listed building or in a conservation area it is quite possible that there are some restrictions when it comes to replacing your windows. Contacting your local authority before you start any work is always a good thing to do. In case you cannot replace your windows, you can try some other things you can do in order to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You can try to put up heavy lined curtains or sealed blinds.

In most of the cases you will be able to carry out the work you have planned and with the right help you will have your new windows installed in no time. Getting energy efficient windows is a great way to make your home eco-friendlier. Still, do not stop there. Once you get your replacement windows, make sure you keep searching for new ways to aid in battle for preserving the nature.