May 6, 2016

Cover These Basics before Actually Moving in

Finding, buying, potentially remodelling and legally covering your new home aren’t the only troubles that plague new home owners. There are many more things to be covered and crossed off the list, when it comes to preparations for moving in. Obvious as they sound, some of these preparations often end up overlooked, and this is why we’ve come up with this article, so as to make sure that you are well-prepared to actually move into your brand new dream house.

Cover These Basics before Actually Moving in

Well, let’s kick it off with a really obvious one – the matter of power. When buying a new home, the general rule of thumb is buying it from another owner – it’s been that way for a while now. Now, when it comes to dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, power should be the topmost thing on your mind. In order to ebb away from unnecessary legal problems, keep in mind that you should disconnect the energy in the previous owner’s name and connect it to your name. Luckily for you, this process is quite simple – it takes nothing more than getting in touch with your provider and giving him your information, such as address, number, identification and other trivialities that will be revealed to you once you’ve contacted these experts. The crucial thing here, however is to do all the connecting before you’ve actually moved in, so as to avoid inadequate situations where the previous owner has to pay money for your energy usage, or even the other way around.

Change Your Address

Much like the previous paragraph, changing your address is crucial, if for no other reason, than to simply avoid your mail being forwarded to your new address by your previous home’s new tenants. This step too, is quite simple – simply get in touch with your post office and give them your new address, as well as other data that they require. Do this for business and government bodies too, in order to not only properly claim your mail, but also in order to avoid unnecessary legal fees and troubles. Additionally, make sure you’ve updated your details, when it comes to electoral roll and magazine and other subscriptions. Your bank, too, will need this update.

Proper Cleaning

The thing with moving into a pre-owned home is – you can never be quite certain of what the previous owner(s) were like. Even if they look stable and good on paper, or even after you’ve met them, those that seem meticulous, might turn out the exact opposite. Although you might think that you can do the in-detail cleaning on your own, cleaners Sydney suggest that you hire a professional cleaning agency in order to make sure you’ve covered all your basics, when it comes to cleaning. Even if the previous tenants claim that they’ve done the cleaning job on their own, you should always look to remain certain that your new house is completely clean – you don’t want having to deal with many problems that might ensue such as mold, or even creepy crawlers, bacteria and rodent infestations.

Other Things

Make sure you’ve fireproofed your new house before moving in, with proper fire safety paraphernalia, fire extinguishers and such.
- Install a quality anti-burglar alarms and cover all your safety basics
- Make your driveway ambulance vehicle-accessible
For further information, contact emergency services.

So there you have it, a list of things to think about before actually moving in. Make no mistake, although these might seem trivial and logical, many new homeowners experience trouble for not covering their basics on time. After you’ve crossed all of these items of the list (and you’ll need a list, too), you can move in and think about the trivialities that will make your new home more comfortable and pleasing to the eye.