May 30, 2016

How to Choose Between Portable and Window Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is, beyond any doubt, one of those things people these days cannot imagine their lives without, and the fact that you are reading this article just stands as a testament to this claim. There is nothing wrong here, either - Summers are sometimes too unbearable, and gas supplier’s plans are not always in-tune with your current winter needs. So the real question is not whether you should buy an air conditioner, but which one. Here, we will take a look at two of the most common types – portable and window air conditioners, see which one of them excels in which particular area, and try to find out which one suits you the best.
How to Choose Between Portable and Window Air Conditioners
Let us start with the easiest issue and that would be how these two types of air conditioners look, and how well they fit their environment. As you would imagine, we have to give an advantage to the portable air conditioners here. They are simply sleeker, better looking and fit wider variety of window types. It should also be pointed out that some homeowners’ associations ban the use of window air conditioners because they hang outside the window and could potentially pose a threat. However, if you are concerned only with the sheer look, you can find some pretty good looking windows units too.
For what they lack in the design department, window units more than make up in regards to their price. Of course the bigger they are, the more expensive they will be, but when you look at the average prices of models with the same cooling capacity, window units will almost always come out as winners.
Noise Level
Much like the price, the level of the noise your air conditioner will produce will vary from model to model. Portable units, however, are known to have much wider “range of noise” than the window units that are consistently louder. Also, the window air conditioners tend to rumble against the window quite a lot, so, if you want to keep the air conditioning as quiet as possible, you should probably skip them.
It should not be too hard to guess that portable air conditioners are much easier to install than the window ones, and, as we already mentioned they fit wider variety of windows, so you will have more options while deciding on their place. To window units’ defense, once they are mounted on a window they are entirely outside, and do not occupy your living space.
Energy Efficiency
This is the tricky one, mostly because in some countries, like for example United States, there are no regulations to define the energy efficiency of portable air conditioning units. The EER rating and real life performance indicate, however, that the window units are, in general, more energy efficient than their portable siblings. Check commercial air conditioning in Sydney to get the general idea what are the energy ratings of the similar ducted and multi-split systems, so you know what you should look for.
Surprisingly enough, portable air conditioners are not that convenient at all. First of all, their portability is still pretty limited by their exhaust hoses. Given the fact that they weigh somewhere around 45kg (100lbs) you will not be too eager to move them around, either. Finally, unlike the window units that leave no tray of water inside, portable units will require that you regularly empty the tank in which the water is collected. Immobile as they are, window units are, in the end, much more convenient.
All you have to do now is to determine what of these properties are the most important to you and decide which type of air conditioner you will buy. There is no need to bee to be too zealous, though – As long as they do their job, both of these types will satisfy your basic needs.