June 22, 2016


Over the past 5 years the world has evolved a lot; at least technologically. In fact, with every passing day world is evolving and transforming. With the emergence of technology and an outburst of innovation, the standard of living and the working conditions have upgraded, have become easier. What required bigger efforts earlier now can be done on a mouse click. No wonder people are confident that by 2030, we will be completely surrounded by technology which will be smarter than ever.

Every sector is benefiting from the technological progress. Now, you must be counting the sectors which have technology deeply rooted in it. We are sure you are missing out on one. It is the real estate sector. Today, due to the technology advancement, the real estate agents are having an easy go at the market. It has become easier for them to get a seller or buyer. But unfortunately, not many have been able to recognize the true potential of technology and the kind of impact that it can make on their business.

We will talk about the technological trends that are changing the way property is bought and sold today.

The Array of Things project is working on bringing out a device which helps in identifying and measuring things like carbon-dioxide, temperature, carbon monoxide, humidity, light and noise and other important things which will help the home owners understand how their standard of living can be improved. Array of Things is being done for the city of Chicago and it has already received a grant of a whopping $3.1 million to put 500 devices all across the city. This device can revolutionize the real estate scenario as the buyers would be more cautious to check the environment and the sellers to keep it clean. It can actually help in improving the quality of life of the people.

The second technological wonder is the smart or the self-driving car. It has sensors on it. So, essentially if you are not present in the house but your child needs to go to school, a smart car can do the job for you. And the biggest advantage is that you do not have to worry about its safety. The sensors enable you to track the car throughout. Basically sensors are changing the way we live nowadays.

A group called Adafruit has come up with a project called Flora. These are basically wearable which help you interact with your environment. So suppose, you are sitting with your kids, all you have to do is tell your mass and it will adjust the intensity of the light according to both you and your kids’ comfort. If you like the light’s intensity to be higher and your kids like it lighter, then it will adjust at a level which is comfortable for you both. In the same way, the volume also gets adjusted.
The final one is a voice and language based processing innovation. After being amazed with Siri of I Phone, Amazon Echo has come up with Josh.ai. It is basically an open platform where you can build devices with voice integration. This means, that when you walk into your room, you can say this, “Josh please put on the lights at 50%, turn the ac on at 20 degrees and pull the curtains on.” And all this will happen at the snap of your finger.

Conclusion –

Technology is changing the way people look at the world today. It is changing the standard of living of the people too and it is happening very rapidly. Everybody has to catch up to it before it gets too late. With the active usage of sensors, it has become much easier for people to live. Not just live but do different kind of activities as well. So 5 years later, if you see Tesla moving on the roads, don’t get surprised!