July 20, 2016

Maintain a Clean Home for the Boiling-Hot Summer

The arrival of the new summer madness has left us reminiscent of the last days of summer, which infatuated us during the previous one; subsequently, we craved for the arrival of the upcoming one. Summer, however, is somewhat of a dirty season, especially if you have a couple of rug rats on your hand. Even if you’re not a parent, or your kids are usually away for the season, you’re looking at a couple of months’ worth of struggling with filth. Fear not, for these easy summer cleaning tips are here to help!
Clean Home for the Boiling-Hot Summer

Get Rid of the Clutter

Clutter makes for quite an eyesore of a home, but clutter isn’t really the point of the subject here, per se. Having a bunch of things cluttered around your house leaves a lot of corners and places that pose a receptive environment for dust and allergens. The perfect moment to start decluttering it is, ideally, wintertime, or spring. However, if you still haven’t decluttered your living space, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s never too late for this.

If you are a parent, make sure to encourage the little ones to put away their playthings and clothes in appropriate places.

If you are slouching and sweating on your couch alone, keep your spirit high by getting off your behind and get cracking! Decluttering can prove for a rewarding experience!


Although this may sound a bit uptight, having your housemates and guests leave their shoes at the doorstep can tremendously help in keeping your indoors clean. Whenever the tiny bits of the outside enter your home, your quest of keeping your home clean is severely backtracked. Instead of having to spill a ton of sweat cleaning up after each friendly visit, simply instruct your guests to take off their shoes as soon as they’ve entered your home.

Things tend to get a bit difficult if your kids are around, though. The little devils somehow tend to slip out of your sight once they’ve entered the premises. This is why you need to start teaching them the healthy habit of keeping the outside filth outside early on. Think about getting nonslip rubber floor mats, which are great for the summer!

Fighting the Dust

Regardless of how careful and diligent you are, when it comes to keeping your house clean, some dust (in fact, a lot of it) is going to slip through the cracks. Just to be clear, even though vacuuming and mopping your home at least twice a week is a no brainer, you could greatly benefit from getting products such as polishes and waxes. Carnauba wax for example, will keep the dust away for extended periods of time. Again, cleaning your house twice a week goes without saying!

Keep the Ducts Clean and Replace Filters

Although dust is usually caused by dead skin cells, a lot of these end up stacked within your air ducts. Perform air duct maintenance and cleaning once a year, to ebb away the dirt and make sure you’ve placed filters in your air duct registers.

Additionally, AC is a device used quite frequently during summer months, so think about replacing these before the very first hot day arrives. Unregulated and unmaintained AC systems can not only cover up your house with dirt, but also cause unwanted health complications.
Finally, vacuuming the coils at least at the beginning and at the end of the summer is more than a good idea.

Keeping your home clean is especially important while the summer lasts. This is not to say, however, that maintaining a clean home for the summer before the season begins is to be disregarded. Preparing yourself for the summer can do you a world of good.