August 5, 2016

Best Interior Design Trends For 2016

As we wave 2015 goodbye, we also have to part with some of the most distinctive interior design trends that marked the previous year. The era of minimalism and contemporary design is slowly becoming obsolete, as 2016 is preparing a complete twist in the sphere of interior design. The appeal of the modern household is getting a fresh look by creating a flawless blend of styles, which are going to capture the true essence of design. Let’s take a quick glance at what the industry experts have prepared for us in the following year.

Best Interior Design Trends For 2016
Customized Interiors

It seems that the tendency to blindly follow certain trends and designs is slowly perishing with the arrival of 2016 and its most trusted companions – the millennials. With the world so fully absorbed in creating matching styles and copying the same look, there appeared a need for expressing oneself in an individual manner. This is why the new interior design is exuding with customized details and statement pieces, which help express the uniqueness of the person and its favourite spaces. Custom-made furniture and digitally printed fabrics are rapidly rising in popularity, while 3D printing is going to become the new innovative way for designing a household.

Industrial Finish

Although the use of industrial finishes in a somewhat modern and chic household might seem uncanny, the experts are swearing in this rough love look. The goal is to add a slightly rugged touch by implementing texture, wood and metal surfaces, especially warm metals and black stainless steel. Brass, copper and gold in combination with vintage accessories are going to dominate this year’s interior design.

Best Interior Design Trends
Serene Colours

With the complete absence of colour in the previous year and the sterile, depersonalized environments it’s safe to say that people are yearning for a bit of colour in their lives. The true refreshment comes in a form of rose quartz and serenity (Pantone colours of the year), which create a mesmerizing blend of two serene, pastel hues into one ethereal setting. The two contrasting shades are being permeated in the whole household design and have the ability to give it a warm and calming embrace for a much needed space detox.

Functional Spaces

2016 is going to be the year of functionality, at least in the sphere of interior design. The practical and functional use of furniture, decorative pieces and the space in general is going to be quite expressed, as the goal is to create a household that will not only provide comfort, but also aid people in making the most out of their time and space. Multifunctional furniture, open-kitchen concepts and smart storage solutions are the key in achieving this look.

Sustainable Households

The need for sustainability has taken over the whole world and people are considerably opting to transform their homes into eco-friendly households. This can be implemented in various ways, from using sustainable materials and introducing more plants in the household, up to installing eco-friendly features such as low-flow shower heads, dual-flush toilets and similar. Lush vegetation is one of the main factors here, so it’s not uncommon to see urban gardens and vegetable, fruit and herb gardens as both an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing part of the household. Sunrooms are becoming increasingly popular, while bathrooms are getting a completely new vibe, as they are turning into soothing spa-like sanctuaries or places of relaxation.

Mix and Match

By far the most distinctive feature of this year’s interior design is the marvellous blend of different styles and designs. The subtle mixture of different cultures and eras can be achieved through various methods. For instance, the astonishing essence of the Scandinavian design is mostly recognized through its simplicity, while the use of decorative concrete and sisal and jute can help bring the cheerful Mexican vibe to the exterior. This trend of mixing and matching doesn’t apply solely on different cultures but on bringing that chic elegance of the traditional 18th century design in the modern household.

2016 is redefining the term modern by implementing different and innovative features into interior design. Experimenting with styles, embracing cultural differences and creating sustainable and functional spaces is the sole goal of this year’s design. The seemingly contrasting designs work so well together when combined properly and given a bit of imagination.