September 15, 2016

When Is the Best Time to Sell? 4 Housing Market Trends to be Aware of

When you've decided to sell your house, you don't necessarily want to rush it onto the market right away. If your listing becomes stale on real estate websites, potential buyers may exude some skepticism about the property. Therefore, make sure that you're posting that first for-sale sign at the right moment.

During Clement Periods of Weather
When Is the Best Time to Sell
People do tend to take the weather of the area into account when selecting a new home, especially one in a state or area where they have never lived before. However, envision how appealing your home would look if people came to see it during a period of major hurricanes, tornadoes or other storms. Instead of focusing on the positive features of your house, they may place most of their attention on the weather's destruction. Putting your house up for sale during periods of clement weather is advisable.

Near the End of the School Year
Keller Williams Realty notes that many parents are concerned about schools when they are purchasing homes. In addition to caring about the quality of the school district, they often want to avoid having their kids change schools in the middle of the year. Therefore, they begin to look for houses in the late spring and early summer. Their goal is to purchase a home during that time period so that their kids can start the next year fresh in a new school.

Away from the Holidays
Think about how hectic your life gets when the holidays come into fruition. You probably spend so much time cooking dinners for parties, baking treats for social events and running out to the store to buy presents. Now imagine trying to buy a new house on top of that. If you are busy getting ready for the holidays, then plenty of other people are as well. Waiting until the major holiday season passes can provide you with a better chance to sell your place.

When You're Ready
Racing to put your house up for sale is not always the best idea because you might not actually be ready to sell. Maybe you will decide in a few months that you're actually too attached to your home, or perhaps you have not yet made necessary repairs or staged the house to look more appealing to other people. Your personal level of comfort with putting the house up for sale plays a role.

Selling your house might be an easy decision, or you may have to put a great deal of thought into it. In either case, you should consider when the most opportune time to sell may be specific to your location. Hire an expert with information on the latest housing trends to further your home selling success.

A Brief Guide to Buying a property in Surrey

Surrey – in terms of property prices and the popularity of property in the area – is a highly sought after location, whether you are buying, selling, renting or letting. As one of the most desirable counties to buy property in the UK, it is home to many of the country’s rich and famous. These include singer Rick Astley, much-loved actor Sir Michael Caine and former BGT judge Amanda Holden among other wealthy and influential celebrities.

Buying a property in Surrey
It is popular because of its proximity to London, but also because it allows people to escape the urban hustle and bustle and live in rural idyll without being isolated in relatively the middle of nowhere. So, what do you need to know about buying a house in Surrey?

It can be Expensive

Property prices are, on average, significantly higher than the rest of the country. The South East, in general, is an expensive place to buy, so your money isn’t going to go as far as it might elsewhere in the country. Be prepared to compromise on some of the things you want. Can you do without a spare bedroom or a smaller garden? Do you need a garage, or could you even downsize to a flat?

Does the Community Fit the Bill?

Another thing to consider is that lots of parts of Surrey are frequented by commuters, with others being more solid communities. Generally, the bigger towns closer to London will be full of younger city workers who may not spend a lot of time in their home, so this isn’t for you if you like the community spirit associated with your hometown. Settling down in one of the smaller villages has its benefits when thinking about avoiding the commuters rush on their way to London. Unfortunately, village properties tend to be more expensive in Surrey and it can be hard to get anywhere in a hurry unless you’re well versed in driving across the county.

Getting a Professional Local Opinion

Once you have found a property you are interested in, it is crucial that you find yourself a local chartered surveyor to look out for anything about the property which might affect its market value now or in the near future. For instance, if you are looking in Redhill, opt for a Redhill surveyor who will have a knowledge of the potential problems with the houses in the area and will know exactly what they are looking for.

It’s important that any flaws are spotted at this stage so that you don’t end up paying more than the market value of the property when there are lots of issues you will need to fork out to fix. If a price looks too good to be true, you may have a good reason to be suspicious. A detailed survey and follow-up report may bring to light any major defects lurking beneath a good-looking surface and this is always recommended, particularly if you are investing a larger sum of money into a Surrey property.

It is essential that you remember the average price for a similar property in the Surrey area, and that you are not tempted into trying to get a good deal by making a quick offer on a cheaper property. Of course, if you are in the market for a ‘fixer-upper’ you’ll need to have a number of surveys conducted either way so that you can get an estimate of any and all work needed to bring the property up to shape.

Whether you’re buying your first home after scrimping and scrounging for many years, or you are planning on turning a profit by fixing up an old house, it simply makes sense to get a detailed report from a professional, local surveyor. Don’t get burnt by the cut-throat Surrey property market and do your research beforehand. A chartered, local surveyor will help provide you with all the extra relevant information you need.

Article provided by Sara Bryant, an independent content writer working alongside a selection of companies including Brian Gale Surveyors, who were consulted over this post.

September 8, 2016

Top 5 Mortgage Tips For Homebuyers in 2016

Real estate investment can be thrilling and tricky at the same time, especially when you are the first-time homebuyer. You want to be in your best financial shape to attract lenders, to possibly get a good rate and have the right loan for your needs. But the challenge of buying a home can be daunting – it's either you go for your fist home or continue to rent.  Whether you plan to invest in a condo in Taguig or any real estate property in the Philippines, it is inevitable to think about the possible outcome.

When it comes to buying your first home, there are certain things to consider before you decide which property you should purchase. Doing a little homework would be a great help to achieve a desirable outcome. To give you some ideas, below are the tips to make sure you can get the best possible mortgage.

  1. Improve your creditworthiness
The moment you decide to purchase a property, your credit profile is one important thing you should consider. A good credit score is one way to show the lenders that you are worthy of your next loan. Lenders make sure that the borrower can pay their loans. Regardless of your previous loans, if you pay your dues on time, lenders will surely let you have your loan. Moreover, this is also one way to know which loan is best for you to fit your current situation. 

  1. Save for the down payment
 First things first, you cannot have your dream home when you don't have the down payment yet. Although a 20% down payment on a mortgage is ideal, it's not mandatory. Some lenders would expect their buyers to pay at least 3% of the down payment. But if you opt to invest in a building sizable equity right away, you can stash a hefty amount of cash to take to the closing table.  Moreover, determining what you can afford will also help you know the down payment you should have.

  1. Seek preapproval
When you decide to purchase a property, you should not forget to seek and get a mortgage preapproval. This is to ensure that you will know how much money you are qualified to borrow for buying a home. And once you're preapproved, you can have a realistic expectation of which property are for sale fall within your budget. Moreover, seeking preapproval is helpful especially when you are on a tight budget.

  1. Shop for a lender
There are actually various kinds of the lender, depending on which type of loan you want to have. When it comes real estate investment, there are also lenders that offer a favorable interest rate. Moreover, just because they have a lot to offer, that does not mean it is the right lender for you. You need to find the best mortgage lender for your current financial situation. And to avoid any complications with the process, later on, it is best for you to adhere the advises your lender tells you. With this, you will not have a hard time processing your loans.

  1. Research loan types
Before you decide to get a loan, you have to know which loan is best for you. Yes, not all loans are applicable to your situation. That means you should be mindful of the loan you avail to make sure that you can get the best offer that fits perfectly in your situation. Moreover, a fixed-rate mortgage isn't right for every homebuyer. That means, if you plan to live in the property and raise a family, you might want to consider a 30-year loan. When you have the right loan for you, you will surely be able to proceed to the next step in achieving your dream home.

Final Thoughts: Although there are a lot of things a first-time homebuyer should consider, you should also know that this may be an excellent way to start your journey to achieving your goal. 

But there's a caveat, though; you should also consider your lifestyle to make sure that you will have a better way of living in your new home. Moreover, when you shop for homes, consider your work commute, nearby schools and convenient stores, and any extracurricular activities that you might be interested in participating.

Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms

Children love putting their toys on display and bragging about to the friends. They also love having them within reach so they can play with them. If you are organizing your kid’s room this can take up a lot of your time, even more so if they have more toys then place to put them. You could make storage rooms for their toys that fit and complement the overall look of their room. You could even make them yourself and include your kids and spend some quality time with them. So if you are thinking about redecorating your kid’s room, here are some storage ideas for you.


Old pallets can be used to make cute storage crates for your kid’s toys. All you have to do is find a lumber yard or check your garage for some wooden pallets, they are very cheap. Measure, cut and assemble a vintage wooden crate for your kid’s toys, clothes or anything they can throw in them. Paint it so it matches the color or theme of the room. Consider putting small wheels on the bottom of those boxes so that the kids can push them around the room with ease while picking up toys.

Play table

Giving your kids a designated place to spend their play time is a great idea. They can play, draw, craft on their play table and keep all their toys and belongings in one place. It can save you a lot of time when you are tidying up. Just make a simple table for their room where they can do coloring and perform other crafts. Adding stools that have storage space in them is a great idea. It gives the kids a great place to keep their belongings in one place and keep the rest of the room organized. You can scale the play table according to the size of your kid’s room.

Display shelf

You can save a lot of space in your kid’s room by going vertical. If your kid’s room doesn’t have a storage space or a shelf, you could easily make one. All you need are some boards and nails to put it all together and put it on the wall. You can even make a glass case if you are feeling adventurous. Paint it to match the room or if the toys on the display are themed, do it so the shelf itself matches it.
This will look great in your kid’s room and will allow them to brag to their friends about their toy collection. If their toys collection isn’t complete or could use an upgrade, check out jada toys they might have something your kids will love.

Under bed toy storage

Storing your kid’s toys under the bed can save you a lot of space. If you don’t want to buy any storage boxes that can fit under the bed, take it upon yourself to build it. Not much time is needed to build this roll out case that can fit under the bed. Buy some plywood and build as storage chests as you need. These can also be used to store clothing, bed sheets or pillows. You can even name every drawer so your kids know what goes in which.
Organizing your kid’s room can sometimes be a nightmare, but with these easy to do ideas you can save a lot of time and improve the overall look of the kid’s room. Don’t forget to include your kids in the making of these storage options, you can spend some quality time together and teach them how to make something great.

About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

How to Burglar-proof Your Rented Apartment

Have you just moved into a room for rent in Ghaziabad or any new cities? Then, you have to be very careful. While taking a rental house, you can make sure if the house has anti-burglary system. If not, ask your landlord for installation. If h/she doesn’t install it, you should take permission for installing such systems by yourself. Now, you should know how you can burglar-proof your resident. Here are some effective tips-

How to Burglar-proof Your Rented Apartment

1) Know Your Neighbors-
While moving into a new place, you should be aware about the neighbors you have. Ask your landlord about them. Make well acquaintance, but try to avoid any unsolicited help.

2) Set an Alarm-
No matter you are living in a rental house or it is your own house, anti-burglar alarm system for high home security is the safest way to keep you and your family protected. Contact the security company near you and you can set this alarm at cheap monthly fee.

3) Always Keep the Outside Lit up-
In case of apartments, the outside; including back portion must be lit up always with bright lights. The lights must be put on after dusk and kept on all night. Criminals want to be stayed hidden in darkness. Lighting up brightly after dusk will make it easy for others to watch any intruder within 100 feet of your apartment.

4) Lock Your Doors-
A study has shown that 34% burglary happens when intruders come from the front door. But, you can’t avoid the back doors as those are the easiest entrance for the burglars. Use deadlocks on the front doors and place locks in a tricky way to the back doors so that burglars can’t reach to those. Lock all the doors even when you are at home. Always buy good quality locks.

5) Always Use Curtains-
You definitely don’t want your possessions to be seen from outside. Use curtains on the windows. If burglars can’t have any hint of what you have, they may seek another victim.

6) Keep the Outside Tip-top-
Ask your landlord about the cleaning system of the outside of your rented apartment. Grass should be mowed down and there must not be any large boxes or waste bags to be stacked at the backyard as those make good hiding place for the burglars.

7) Lock Your Garage-
If there is any garage or outhouse, you should keep those locked well. If you are staying in a rented apartment, you should ask the security guard to keep those closed. No matter when these outer portions are being used (even in the bright daylight); don’t forget to lock the doors.

8) Watch Out Your Trash-
Always cut up the cardboard boxes of your purchases so that the thieves don’t get idea about it. Also, shred any bills or bank statement before throwing away to stop criminals to do any harm using your identities.

So, whether you are moving into a rent house or buying a house in Delhi, these security tips will definitely help you stay away from burglars.

5 professionals you need when starting a business

Have you thought about starting a business but have little to no idea on where and how to start? Perhaps you need to talk to those who were once in your shoes.

There's no doubt that managing a business can take a dozen or a village of manpower to operate. In the past, one person’s dedication and persistence is not enough to run a business.

These days however, you can run a small business on your own (solopreneur). If you aim to be a photographer, a writer or a graphic designer, there’s really no need to hire other people unless otherwise completely necessary. It entirely varies on your business, your chosen industry and your business status.

If you’re just warming up and still on the planning stages, meet with these five professionals to help you build your business plan and execute it smoothly.

Your mentor

Think about the potential customers later and seek the help of someone who’s been in your position before and know well enough the ups and downs your ideal business. Seek someone who knows how to build and grow a business.

Seek the help of a mentor. This person was once where you are now and have passed all the ups and downs along the way, and they sure know how to handle their business like a pro—and they’ll guide you how. Not only will they teach you what challenges to expect and how to handle it when it comes, but they’ll also serve as your light and inspiration. They’ll help steer you in the right path and provide insight to your strengths and weaknesses.


“What do I need lawyers for?” You might think at first. Well, the answer is—you need them bigtime.

Starting and running a business comes with more than a handful of legality concerns from complicated language, legal jargons and details in the contract to licenses and permits. And no, Google isn’t a lawyer so don’t even think about it.

A quick review of what lawyers can help you with in your business:

      Curating and reviewing contracts
      Discuss permits, licensing and regulation concerns
      Counsel you in strategies to protect your property (e.g. trademark)
      Advise you to protect your business from any unforeseen litigation, tax conundrums and other legal burdens

In addition, your lawyer is there to help you understand what you’re agreeing to, what your customers should agree to once they sign the contract, and beyond this matter. So yes, seeking a lawyer to help you with your business isn’t an option, it’s a must.

Accountant or tax professional

Unless you’re a numbers person and are well-versed with account receivables, quarterly taxes, expenses, tax requirements and other fees, and the likes, you could skip meeting with this person. But if you find yourself exhaling a confused and exhausted sigh at the end of reviewing your accounts, you should definitely invite a tax professional or accountant to save your life (and potential business).

An accountant is just as important as a lawyer. Before hopping in the business train, you should consult an account first. Otherwise, you might get surprised with the amount of tax on your shoulder and other financial mishaps along the way.

This person will help you check the numbers in general: help you analyze financial statements for long-term business solutions, help you setup your financial record system, minimize your tax burden and maximize profit, and the works.

Web developer

In this day and age, you need to get your business online if you’re serious about it and want to reach more of your target audience. People these days go online to look for products and services they need. Establishing an online presence and website creates legitimacy and credibility. Let them find you without breaking a sweat.

Web devs also come in handy in terms of maintaining your web page and fixing any bugs and issues a visitor may encounter on the site.


Chances are, you have hundreds of other competitions and you’re like a needle in a haystack. To attract potential customers, establish your business and stand out among the others, and increase brand identity, you need to know how to effectively sell and promote your product and services.

You’ll need a marketer or salesperson on board to help you plan and execute the right strategy. No matter how great of a product or service you have, if you don’t focus on sales and marketing as much, your business plan might fail.

A lot of business plans don’t work out due to lack of (insider) knowledge, guidance and counseling. You can’t do everything alone so it’s important to consult with the best people and guide you towards success. Even the best people in the industry seek help from the pros, and so should you.

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Chie is a daytime writer for Depreciator - Tax Depreciation Schedule, a company dedicated completely to Tax Depreciation Schedules that aids the Australian property market.