September 8, 2016

How to Burglar-proof Your Rented Apartment

Have you just moved into a room for rent in Ghaziabad or any new cities? Then, you have to be very careful. While taking a rental house, you can make sure if the house has anti-burglary system. If not, ask your landlord for installation. If h/she doesn’t install it, you should take permission for installing such systems by yourself. Now, you should know how you can burglar-proof your resident. Here are some effective tips-

How to Burglar-proof Your Rented Apartment

1) Know Your Neighbors-
While moving into a new place, you should be aware about the neighbors you have. Ask your landlord about them. Make well acquaintance, but try to avoid any unsolicited help.

2) Set an Alarm-
No matter you are living in a rental house or it is your own house, anti-burglar alarm system for high home security is the safest way to keep you and your family protected. Contact the security company near you and you can set this alarm at cheap monthly fee.

3) Always Keep the Outside Lit up-
In case of apartments, the outside; including back portion must be lit up always with bright lights. The lights must be put on after dusk and kept on all night. Criminals want to be stayed hidden in darkness. Lighting up brightly after dusk will make it easy for others to watch any intruder within 100 feet of your apartment.

4) Lock Your Doors-
A study has shown that 34% burglary happens when intruders come from the front door. But, you can’t avoid the back doors as those are the easiest entrance for the burglars. Use deadlocks on the front doors and place locks in a tricky way to the back doors so that burglars can’t reach to those. Lock all the doors even when you are at home. Always buy good quality locks.

5) Always Use Curtains-
You definitely don’t want your possessions to be seen from outside. Use curtains on the windows. If burglars can’t have any hint of what you have, they may seek another victim.

6) Keep the Outside Tip-top-
Ask your landlord about the cleaning system of the outside of your rented apartment. Grass should be mowed down and there must not be any large boxes or waste bags to be stacked at the backyard as those make good hiding place for the burglars.

7) Lock Your Garage-
If there is any garage or outhouse, you should keep those locked well. If you are staying in a rented apartment, you should ask the security guard to keep those closed. No matter when these outer portions are being used (even in the bright daylight); don’t forget to lock the doors.

8) Watch Out Your Trash-
Always cut up the cardboard boxes of your purchases so that the thieves don’t get idea about it. Also, shred any bills or bank statement before throwing away to stop criminals to do any harm using your identities.

So, whether you are moving into a rent house or buying a house in Delhi, these security tips will definitely help you stay away from burglars.