September 15, 2016

When Is the Best Time to Sell? 4 Housing Market Trends to be Aware of

When you've decided to sell your house, you don't necessarily want to rush it onto the market right away. If your listing becomes stale on real estate websites, potential buyers may exude some skepticism about the property. Therefore, make sure that you're posting that first for-sale sign at the right moment.

During Clement Periods of Weather
When Is the Best Time to Sell
People do tend to take the weather of the area into account when selecting a new home, especially one in a state or area where they have never lived before. However, envision how appealing your home would look if people came to see it during a period of major hurricanes, tornadoes or other storms. Instead of focusing on the positive features of your house, they may place most of their attention on the weather's destruction. Putting your house up for sale during periods of clement weather is advisable.

Near the End of the School Year
Keller Williams Realty notes that many parents are concerned about schools when they are purchasing homes. In addition to caring about the quality of the school district, they often want to avoid having their kids change schools in the middle of the year. Therefore, they begin to look for houses in the late spring and early summer. Their goal is to purchase a home during that time period so that their kids can start the next year fresh in a new school.

Away from the Holidays
Think about how hectic your life gets when the holidays come into fruition. You probably spend so much time cooking dinners for parties, baking treats for social events and running out to the store to buy presents. Now imagine trying to buy a new house on top of that. If you are busy getting ready for the holidays, then plenty of other people are as well. Waiting until the major holiday season passes can provide you with a better chance to sell your place.

When You're Ready
Racing to put your house up for sale is not always the best idea because you might not actually be ready to sell. Maybe you will decide in a few months that you're actually too attached to your home, or perhaps you have not yet made necessary repairs or staged the house to look more appealing to other people. Your personal level of comfort with putting the house up for sale plays a role.

Selling your house might be an easy decision, or you may have to put a great deal of thought into it. In either case, you should consider when the most opportune time to sell may be specific to your location. Hire an expert with information on the latest housing trends to further your home selling success.