November 18, 2016

Find Nearby ATM With Cash

Demonetization has lead the people to a huge problem in finding an ATM with cash. This has strike a start-up to come with a solution. a technology start-up has launched a website named to help users locate the nearest ATM with cash.

Find Nearby ATM With Cash
Users can locate ATM with Cash based on their location or they can search the ATMs providing their location. The site uses Google Maps to locate ATMS and crowdsourced information from users on the availability of cash at the ATMs.

Users can find nearby ATM's on Map with address, distance, direction, route. Users can get the status, whether the ATM has CASH, or NO CASH or it's too crowded based on User feedback. Users can also find what kind of currency notes available based on User feedback, Users can comment or discuss in the site.

The site is designed with mobile users in mind, yes it's mobile friendly responsive design will help the mobile users too.

This brilliant solution was created to help the users in mind to get their cash from ATM in hassle freeway.