November 17, 2016

Sell Your Property Yourself: To Do List

It’s true that real estate agents have the expertise and connections to sell your home better; but if you are thinking twice about the extortionist fees that they charge, you’re better off selling your property on your own. 
Sell Your Property Yourself

Of course you do not have the knowledge or expertise to undertake the entire process like a professional, but there’s no rocket science in it that would make the job impossible. Here’s a list of things you need to focus on when you decide to sell your property yourself.

  1. Upgrade your property for sale. If you can’t think complete renovation of bathrooms and kitchens, just replace the damaged elements. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Beautify your entrance and hire a property stylist to bring out the best in your property.
  2. Price the property and obtain a listing. Research the market values of similar homes in the neighbourhood before setting a price for your property. Try not to overprice it. Obtain a real estate listing in your state for your property. You would be charged a small fee to get it listed, but once that’s done, your property would be reaching out to a larger market.
  3. Promote your property. After gaining a listing, make sure you spend time and resources on marketing the property. Write a unique description of your property and support it with proper photos and a floor plan (get them professionally done for greater impact). You could spread the word through social media and even friends and family. 
  4. Conduct open houses. You’ll be contacted by multiple buyers once you begin promoting your house. It is the photographs that will initially attract them; but interested buyers would need further inspection. Decide a day and call these interested buyers in for an open house. Make sure your house is spick and span and in its best condition. Have the buyers take a look around. Know the selling points of your house and be sure to highlight them as and when the situation requires.
  5. Negotiate. Open house sessions lead to offers by the buyers. This is where the negotiations begin. Before shortlisting your buyers do a quick background check and get to know how they plan to finance the purchase. When negotiating don’t give in to intimidation. Decide how much of the quoted price you’re willing to let go and stick to it.
  6. The final formalities. When you have the offer you like, go ahead and accept it. Draft an agreement of sale and have all the terms and conditions penned down. Nothing gets finalized unless the contract is signed by both parties, so take your time to draft the document. For the remaining legal formalities, hire the services of a property lawyer who knows his way around the business. Make sure you hire someone credible.
Follow this list and there isn’t a chance that you’ll miss out on any of these important tasks. It’s time to get down to business and sell your house without an agent!