December 23, 2016

9 top tips to make the most of your Spanish roof terrace

Let’s be honest, living in Spain is all about the glorious weather. If you want to truly feel at home in your Spanish property, it’s important to make full use of all the available living space – outside and inside.

Here, Lloyd Wells - working with Spanish specialists PromasBuilders has provided 9 top tips for making the most of a roof terrace.

If you’re lucky, your property will have a roof terrace – and what a wonderful place for outdoor relaxation this can be, as long as you know how to make the most of the outdoor space. We’ve compiled 9 top tips to help you transform a plain outdoor roof space into the perfect summer oasis.

1.       Get some shade
First things first: Spanish summers are scorching hot! Be warned, unless you include an element of shade in your rooftop design, it won’t be fit for purpose when you need it most. Whether you choose a covered awning, a sun sail or canopy, or a simple parasol, an effective sun shade solution is a must.

2.       Add vibrant colour
Transform a plain space with the clever use of colour. Why not paint a wall in a vibrant shade of orange or turquoise and make the most of the beautiful Mediterranean light? Easier on the eye than the customary whitewashed walls, you can combine comfort and style in a single paint job.

3.       Add outdoor furniture
Depending on whether you choose to use your roof terrace as a formal dining area or relaxed chillout space, you need to furnish it with a bit of pizzazz. All-weather comfy seating areas, sofas and armchairs will transform a plain terrace into a cosy outdoor lounge, while patio seating will enable you to entertain your dinner guests al fresco.

4.       Go green
Plant up your concrete terrace and turn it into a lush oasis! Choose planters or bring in soil for proper flower beds, but be careful to choose appropriate plants for the location and climate. Drought and wind tolerant species are best – succulents and cacti, olive trees, orange trees and palm trees should all thrive in the Mediterranean heat. Hibiscus, hypericum, passiflora, Bird of Paradise and Bougainvilleas all produce spectacular floral displays. One word of advice for the aspiring patio gardener: an irrigation system is highly recommended.

5.       Just add water
Of course, for the full oasis effect, you really need a water feature. A fish tank, water fountain or paddling pool? It all depends on the space you have available and the kind of ambience you wish to evoke on your terrace.

6.       Outdoor cooking
If your roof terrace is large and secluded enough, you may be able to use the space as an outdoor kitchen. Add a barbecue or other cooking facilities and a dining suite and invite your friends over for grilled lamb chops, fish or burgers. Add a few drinks and make it a Spanish parrillada!

7.       Make it cosy
Take the inside out – introduce some home comforts to soften up a hard stone tiled exterior environment. Why not create an outdoor lounge with the help of some colourful floor rugs, soft canvas cushions, snuggly rugs or exotic throws? Perfect for relaxing during the day or nighttime entertaining.

8.       Garden lighting
Create a magical atmosphere after dark with the clever use of light. Candles or storm lanterns are a must, and solar lights of fairy lights can add a touch of fun. If your building fire code allows, you could install a fire pit for added atmosphere and warmth on chillier evenings.

9.       Make it fun
Finally, make sure you turn your rooftop sanctuary into a fun place to be! Sunloungers and mini fridges? Hot tub? Sound system? Giant chessboard, anyone?