December 23, 2016

Which Garage Door is Right for You

Whether you’ve spent years and years renovating your current home and transforming it into your dream home, or whether you have just moved in and have decided to work from the ground up, choosing the perfect garage door can be hard work. It is important that you choose something that fits your lifestyle, goes well with the house and provides safety and security for your belongings. Garage doors are one of the largest moving objects in the household, so it is essential that they are sturdy, they work properly and they can take a beating if the going gets tough. 

Which Garage Door is Right for You
So how can you tell which garage door is right for you? Read on for more information on the different styles of garage door you can buy and install and their various benefits - provided by Lloyd Wells, a freelance writer partnering with CDC Garage Doors.

Not every garage door is alike, so it is important to know which types offer more security, which doors are more there for the aesthetic and which doors are suitable for smaller or more space-conscious properties.

Pros Automatic garage doors come in a range of styles so you are often spoilt for choice when selecting an automatic garage door set. Depending on the material you choose, you can also go for a sturdier and secure type of garage door. Automatic doors are great for forgetful types or if you just simply like the idea of shutting a door with a click of a button. They are also secure as there are no external locks to break open or tamper with once the door is closed and locked into its side tracks.
Cons If you have young children or pets, you will need to be aware of their presence when shutting the door. Most newer models may have sensory technology installed to recognise a foreign body passing under the door, but these can come at a heftier price. They are also often programmed to work at a set speed which isn’t always convenient if you’re the type of family that is constantly running late. 

Roller Doors
Pros For properties where space is an issue, the roller garage door should really be your point of call. These are doors that are mounted on tracks that run up the side of the door, with a barrel-like compartment at the top of the door that stores the door itself as it rolls up and away. Roller doors can be manual although most models nowadays are automatic to streamline the opening and closing process. 

Cons Once again for families in a hurry, this can take some time to open and close and not everyone has the time or the patience to wait for the garage door to finish its descent before they re-enter the house. You can purchase extra software that tells you whether or not the garage door is properly closed, which is a good get around if you don’t want to have to wait to check it yourself every time you close the door. 

Steel Garage Doors
Pros Steel garage doors are often considered the ultimate in garage security. Often found at corporate companies and guarding the entrance to company warehouses, steel garage doors are built to last and last. With high durability and a tough primer finish to make sure they are fully weatherproof, if you are looking for a juggernaut garage door to withstand anything you can throw at it, you can find it here.

Cons While steel doors are formidable and durable, they can also look a bit intimidating which will appear rather out of place in a nice neighbourhood. You can purchase steel doors in different colours or with a wood grain effect to mask their intimidating appearance, but that is going to cost extra.  
When looking for the perfect garage door, you want a door that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing. While steel garage doors are the best in terms of high security, they can look a little out of place in a homely neighbourhood area. Up and over garage doors are great for adding extra security to your garage door if needs be. For properties where space is an issue, roller doors would probably be the best option but often it really is down to personal preference.

A lot of it depends on what you think would look good outside your home and what also fits in well with the surrounding environment. Still, if you are unsure, you can always get in touch with an interior designer or a professional who installs garage doors as they will be able to offer more specific advice on the best style for your home.